We are having a record amount of snow fall here in Seattle. My little girl is having the fun of her lifetime, snowball fight, making snowman, sledding, you name it! Though I was little lazy initially, now I am enjoying it too. Even shoveling seems to be fun. This afternoon when I was trying to clean up the driveway my daughter wanted to do it too. With having only one shovel, taking turns seemed to be the only choice we had.

My daughter busy with shoveling

But I was getting little nervous as it would be hard to finish the work before evening. At first I thought I will just be the parent and ask her to play instead. Seeing her so engaged with the shoveling work made me pause and think. I decided to borrow another shovel from one of my neighbors, and thus made it a mother-daughter “shovel-the-driveway” fun activity!

It made me think, how hard was it to go for the other solution? Not much, when I had the focus on having a fun family time and not just on the task at hand. Thanks to the rare Seattle snow to make me remember this little thing – there is always more than one solution, getting too attached to only one may give us a less-than-optimal outcome!

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